The science of Identity



Kwame, Yusuf, Faris, Davide & Nico


This collaboration is a response to the changing landscape of identity and the expression of one’s sense of self. A shift in the way we use our identity to interact in and move through today’s global and technological environments. The introduction and development of the internet and globalization has changed the face of identity for the millennial genera­tion.


Access to information and social media platforms have given us the opportunity to experience the world the way we see it. Giving choice where there was none before with regards to how we view ourselves and how we want to be perceived.


“Because all the traditional markers of adulthood are less available to today’s Millennials, they are redefin­ing what it means to be an adult for themselves.”

Mintel (2015)


With this lack of structure comes an openness to play. To create our sense of selves that speaks honest to the individual despite visual indicators which might seem similar to another.


We live in a world where nothing is constant. Change is a God that guides the realities of our existence. Our collective sense of individuality and the expression of individualism allow us to find our space in a world where a space for us might not exist.


A collaboration between Attard Navarro & Jawara Alleyne, featuring selected pieces from Jawara Alleyne's collection archive and the C1-01 prototype collection created by Attard Navarro for the diary series. Text by Jawara Alleyne, grooming by Carlyn Griscti. Special thanks to Nii Agency and HMG models for their support